5 Tips for Seller Lead Intake


After you have put out the ads and started marketing your business, you need to be ready to take in seller leads. This is a process many people may not think about, but it’s important to know how you are going to intake seller leads.

The first and most important tip is to answer your phone! You don’t want to miss a call and potentially miss out on a deal from a seller. If you do miss a call make sure you call them back immediately.

The next tip is to follow our three keys to working with sellers. Build rapport, show you care, and solve their problem is how you need to connect with the seller from first contact.

Prequalify! By prequalifying the seller you can find out how motivated they are, why they need to sell, and an idea of what condition the home is in.

Make sure to schedule a time to meet with the seller. If you think this might be a good lead, schedule a meeting for their first available time. When competing with other investors in your market you want to make sure you are the first person they talk to and potentially the first to get the deal.

Whether or not they are ready to sell make sure you follow up with them. Many times a seller can get cold feet and back out, but by simply following up with them in a few days you can change their mind.

By following these tips you’ll be sure to become a pro at taking in seller leads. The more comfortable you get at it the more comfortable your clients will be too.

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