I want to talk to Tony about attending the mastermind and learn more about becoming a full-fledged member of Real Estate Prodigy!

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Please Give Me A Little More Information About You And Your Business So I Can Be Better
Prepared To Answer Any Questions You Have For Me When We Talk

  • Investing

  • 1. How many years have you been investing?
  • 2. Number of Employees
  • 3. What Market Do You Do Business In?
  • 4. What is Your Annual Revenue
  • 5. Please Describe Your Existing Business/Revenue Model in Detail.
  • 6. How Many Closing Do You Estimate You’ve Had in The Last 12 Months? (estimate)
  • There Are No Wrong Answers To The Next Four Questions. Some of Our Members Do 200 Rehabs A Year and Have 3 Rental Properties. Some Do 3 Rehabs A Year And Have 200 Rental Properties.
  • 7. How Many Of Those Closings Were Rehabs? (estimate)
  • 8. How Many of Those Closings Were Wholesale Transactions? (estimate)
  • 9. How Many of Those Closings Were "Buy and Hold"?
  • 10. Do You Have a Rental Portfolio and if "Yes" , How Many Units/Doors? If "No" enter 0
  • 11. What are your core strengths from a business perspective?
  • 12. What are 2-3 of your biggest challenges or 2-3 things you need help with?
  • 13. The Real Estate Prodigy Pro Access is “INVITATION ONLY”. Why should you be invited over other candidates?
  • 14. If You And I Were Sitting Around Talking After the Mastermind, What Would Have Had To Happen In That Mastermind For You To Say You Are Completely Happy With Your Results?