Finding Off Market Deals -Expert interview with Jason Lucchesi

Master Real Estate investing (2)

Jason Lucchesi is an expert in finding off market deals. Since 2001, Lucchesi’s in-depth knowledge of the mortgage and real estate industry has made him a leader in wholesaling and rehabbing properties. In this interview with Tony Javier, Lucchesi shares his number one way for finding off market deals. He also shares how you can get your voicemail into hundreds of voicemail boxes, his strategies for selling properties quickly, and the #1 suggestion he has for getting into the real estate business.

What you will learn in this Expert Interview Podcast:

* Jason’s #1 source for off market deals
* A tool that Jason uses to weed out the people that are not serious
* What Jason does to get top dollar for his houses
* Jason’s top strategy he uses in his business
* How Jason sells his properties quickly
* Jason’s recommendation to anyone wanting to get into real estate

Listen and Enjoy!

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