Real Estate & Entrepreneurship – Expert Interview with Cory Boatright

Master Real Estate investing

Cory Boatright is a pioneer in the Real Estate Investing industry. Cory is not only a successful Real Estate Investor, but he also has a top rated Podcast and a phenomenal coaching program. Cory is a true Entrepreneur and has started 40 businesses. Cory shares his experience with us and how he went from a troubled teenager that didn’t even graduate high school to one of the leaders in the industry. How did he do it?

What you will learn in this Expert Interview Podcast:

  • His direct mail campaign secrets including mailing lists he uses
  • Who Cory has on his team to do deals for him
  • How to overcome fear and why most people don’t
  • How Cory uses google and Facebook for marketing
  • Cory’s leading tools and apps that run his business
  • The #1 thing that Cory recommends for anyone wanting to get into Real Estate

Learn more about Cory Boatright and his program at:

Listen and Enjoy!

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