Scheduling is the key to getting those 16-hour work days back down to eight or even less.

When you set aside time to schedule your days it saves you time, it makes you focus better, it makes you feel accomplished when you complete tasks, and it helps keep you on track. If it’s not on your schedule it doesn’t exist.

Start by scheduling time for personal and fun things first, this gives you something to look forward to.  It may sound weird but you should even block time for your family. You want to keep work and family time separate.

One of the best ways to schedule tasks are by doing “sprints”. Work on a task for 90 minutes, take a break, then work on another task. This helps to keep you focused on the task at hand and keeps your day moving along.

You even have to make time to schedule things you don’t like. For many people, this is finances.  Try to schedule an hour or two every week to go over finances. If you didn’t schedule the things you don’t like they probably wouldn’t get done. This helps keep you dialed in to all aspects of your business.

Another tip is to schedule things that have high returns on interest. For example, reading a self help book, may help you to learn something that could save you time later in your day. When you set a schedule in stick to it, not only will you get more things done, but you’ll get your life back!

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