Systems for Success: Expert Interview with Justin Williams

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Systems for Success

Expert Interview with Justin Williams

Justin Williams, an 8-year Real Estate veteran, has systemized his way into flipping 100 houses a year. Not only that, but he does this without ever looking at a single property. After flipping over 500 houses in his career, Williams is a leading expert in the field and knows how to take advantage of the systems he has in place in order to take a step back from the day-to-day of his business. Although Justin has become wildly successful, it hasn’t always been this way. Find out how Justin when from barely being able to pay the bills to flipping over 100 houses a year in this week’s expert interview.

What you will learn:

  • Learn about Justin’s struggle as a newcomer in real estate and how implementing systems helped him to achieve success.
  • Find out how he built his team from the ground up.
  • Justin discusses the importance of Project Management.
  • Find out why its best to keep emotions out of business.
  • Get advice on marketing and networking.
  • The importance of hiring “problem solvers”.
  • Why Justin only hires General Contractors.
  • Tips for keeping your business and team on-track.
  • How to partner up with your Realtor to make your job easier.
  • Find out his #1 tip for beginners.

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Listen and Enjoy!

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