What is your why?

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What is your why? Why are you in this business and what is your purpose?

When I first got into this industry, my why was to make money. Although this may be part of the reason we go to work everyday, it shouldn’t be your only reason. Look deeper, and find the reason you choose to be in this business.

Today my why, comes from my desire to influence people in a positive way. To create a culture that people love being a part of is what drives me to go to work every day. Not to mention to create more freedom and opportunity. There are many different reasons you may have chosen to be in this business. Is it to retire early, or to put your kids through college? Maybe it’s to have the ability to travel the world? Or do you just want the opportunity to provide a better life for your family?

When you find your why, it makes your work more meaningful. Once you find your why, make sure to write it down and post it somewhere you can see it daily!


Tony Javier

Real Estate Prodigy

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